What Do I Need to Join?

Each of the sports has some basic needs to get going:

Swim: swimsuit, goggles, long swim style fins (we’ll help you find the right ones)

Run: running shoes

Bike: Working bike and fitted helmet - mountain bikes are fine if they’re in good working condition! BMX bikes are fine for younger kids but you should consider getting the kids a bike with gears especially in the Recreation program.

Our competitive team has increased requirements including tri kits and road bikes.

I am not sure if my child will like triathlon. Can we try a class first?

Yes. All kids are able to try our classes for a week (a swim, bike and/or run) before they sign up to see if triathlon is the right fit for them. We only ask that you sign our waiver first and contact us so we know to expect you.

Please fill out the required forms here and we’ll get in touch.

Do you offer Private PE?

Yes. We currently offer private PE through Conroe ISD. Sign up for the 2019/2020 school year starts in March and ends in May. More information will be coming out soon. We offer the 5hr PE option for all kids grades 7 and above. Those interested in 15hr PE option will need to contact Coach Amie. We will need at least 3 athletes to commit to the 15 hour program in order to run it.

We are happy to offer private PE through other school division as well. If you are interested please contact Coach Amie, and she will do her best to facilitate it.


Yes we have swim only and bike only options available. If you child wants to swim twice a week they need to be able to swim 100 yards without stopping. If your child wants to bike twice a week they will need to come in for a bike evaluation. Punch cards are available for once a week practices in both sports (must be able to swim 50 yards and/or bike without training wheels).

My kids are only interested swimming can they still join?


We have a few options for kids on youth teams. We have a monthly option for kids showing up to practice twice per week. We just ask that you tell us which classes they will show up two (run and bike). We also have a punch card if they are showing up once a week or a bit more infrequent. You can also pair a punch card with a monthly pass if they will occasionally be showing up for more than 2x per week. We have lots of flexibility. We will also be hosting camps and clinics throughout the year. Join our mailing list to keep in the loop when these will be held. We will try to host them around major races in our area.

My kids are on a swim team but still want to join a triathlon team. What are their options?


Yes we do but they are subject to availability. Swimming private lessons are a bit tricky to find pool time but please contact us and we’ll see what we can do. Learn to bike private lessons can be booked though Crazy Cadence. Private lessons for run, transition, and kids who can already bike can be booked by contacting Coach Amie. Please note that a caregiver will need to be present while their child is doing their private lesson.

Do you offer Private Lessons?


We offer one-on-one coaching for beginner and intermediate athletes who are not able to attend group sessions regularly and still want to be apart of SelecTri. However, if your athlete is elite or working towards becoming elite we work with some great coaches who will provide extra training sessions in addition to our group workouts. Please contact Coach Amie for more information.

Do you offer one-on-one coaching?