SelecTri Teams

To support the various levels and ages of our athletes, we group participants into different levels so we can tailor their program for success and level of competitive desire! We have every level training from complete beginners to multiple national champions so we’ll find a good spot for your young athlete.

All of our programs focus on all 3 triathlon sports as well as transition. Coaching is done by USAT, USA Swimming and USA Cycling certified coaches. We also provide coaching at 10+ local triathlons every year. Not only that but members get semi-annual team parties (Trampoline Park in Spring ‘19), open water swim practices, biking on go-kart tracks and more!



Designed for youth aged 6-7 or those new to youth sports

Program Includes:

  • Shorter skill based practices with an emphasis on FUN

  • Games at every practice


  • Must be able to swim 50 yards freestyle unassisted

  • Must be able to ride a bike without training wheels



Designed for youth 8 and above

Program Includes:

  • Hour long practices will focus on fitness, skill development and fun


  • Must be able to swim 100 yards freestyle unassisted

  • Must be able to ride a bike without training wheels

  • Saturday rides require a good grasp on bike skills as well as ability to follow coach direction



Designed for athletes 10 and older who want to take their training to the next level

Program Includes:

  • More emphasis on skill acquisition and refinement, race tactics practice and building overall fitness

  • Fun still included in practice but athletes should want to work hard and love competition


  • Coach approval required to join the team

  • No specific time goals are needed but athlete must show willingness to work hard, have good bike handling skills and be a focused athlete

We recognize schedules are always complex and so we have a wide variety of programs for you. Check out our pricing page for the cost for each team based on how often you want to come. Our schedule allows for many practices every week to try and fit your family’s availability. We recommend 3-4 times a week for our development and recreation athletes and 4-5 times a week for our competitive athletes but the choice is yours!

Confused? Want to talk to someone more about this? Please reach out -


Trial / Infrequent Option

  1. Punch Card - only showing up once a week or a few times per month then this is the option for you.  Punch Cards are good for 3 months from your last practice. $160/10 pass

Interested instead in private plans / remote coaching? Check out our offering here!